Special Services


Altman Weil conducts custom benchmarking projects for law firms and law departments.  With over thirty years of experience in survey analysis of the legal industry, we have the know-how to ask the right questions, the reputation and credibility required to gather sensitive data, and the expertise to put the results in a meaningful context.

Our staff of trained analysts and research experts designs survey instruments, collects and tabulates data, performs statistical analysis, and provides detailed reports of findings in these areas:

Industry Specific Surveys

We can help corporate law departments to develop compensation and performance benchmarks in their specific industry.

Issue Specific Surveys

We work with organizations to explore areas of critical importance to their business operations.

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Altman Weil is the leading provider of client satisfaction surveys for law firms and law departments, having surveyed over 150,000 business and individual clients over the last three decades.

How You Benefit

You will develop new insight on your industry, business operations, clients and marketplace that can translate into a powerful, focused success strategy for your organization.

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