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Altman Weil Can Help Your Law Firm Perform and Grow

Our consulting services can help your organization grow and prosper sustainably. We’ll help you strategize your growth, streamline your operations, and increase your profitability. With over fifty years of experience and hundreds of engagements worldwide, we have become experts in legal management consulting and lawyer coaching.

  • Compensation
    Develop a fair and competitive compensation program that allows you to attract and retain the right lawyers.
  • Executive Search Services
    Access top-notch legal operations personnel who succeed in your organization.
  • Law Firm Finance
    Position your firm to have adequate capital to operate and grow, while managing the economic relationships between partners and the firm.
  • Turnarounds and Crisis Management
    Turn troublesome situations around before you reach the crisis point
  • Law Firm Succession Planning
    Access independent advisors who will help you navigate the strategic, management, economic and cultural issues of lawyer retirement and succession.
  • Management & Governance
    Assess the appropriateness of your management and governance structures to ensure your firm is competitive, effective, and successful. 
  • Client Surveys and Interviews
    Gain invaluable insights and project a clear signal to clients that you are committed to delivering quality service.

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