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Client Surveys Can Demonstrate Your Law Department’s Value

As corporations throughout the United States continue to pay careful attention to controlling costs, law departments remain under scrutiny.  Accordingly, in-house lawyers regularly look for ways to demonstrate value to their clients.  One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of doing this is to seek regular feedback from your clients.

Some companies require support functions, such as law, to conduct annual satisfaction surveys, often in connection with performance evaluations of law department lawyers and staff.  In many companies, however, law departments rarely, if ever, seek feedback from their clients about whether they are meeting client needs.

Lawyer personality data reveal that their aversion to feedback may not be due to a lack of concern for clients, but rather to unique characteristics in the lawyer personality.  Most lawyers have particularly low resilience – the quality that determines how well one responds to criticism and rejection.  Therefore, it is not surprising that asking for feedback is particularly difficult for lawyers.

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