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Being a Successful New Partner

New partners represent the future of your law firm. And in today’s highly-competitive environment, you need to ensure that every partner is fully engaged, productive and profitable from year one. That’s why Altman Weil has developed a training series to give your new partners insight on the business of law, a solid foundation in law firm economics, and guidance on building sustainable client relationships.

Being a Successful New Partner is:

  • A five-part training course for new law firm partners
  • Delivered in convenient 60 and 90 minute sessions
  • Available online for eight weeks (February 6, 2017 – March 31, 2017)
  • Offered with unlimited 24/7 access, and single-site or all-firm viewing rights

Five sessions include:

  • The Obligations of Partnership (90 minutes)
  • How Law Firms Make Money (60 minutes)
  • The Balance Sheet and Capital (60 minutes)
  • Calculating Profitability (60 minutes)
  • What Clients Want (90 minutes)

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