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A Simple Exercise to Differentiate Your Practice

Ten years ago, it seemed like there was plenty of work for every reasonably good law firm. These days, not so much. In today’s competitive, low growth, price sensitive environment, you had better be able to hold on to existing clients and tell potential new clients what you offer that’s better than the alternatives, or your practice may be at risk.

Is your law firm, or your practice group, really different and better than your closest competitors? Are you able to articulate why clients and prospects ought to hire you rather than someone else? Do clients perceive your practice in a way that sets it apart from competitors, that positions you as better and more valuable? If your answer to any of those questions is “no,” then I suggest that your practice is not effectively differentiated – and that needs to change. This article recommends a short, simple exercise that will help you craft a winning message in a crowded, competitive marketplace.

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