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This top-level support for law firm or law department leadership is analogous to what is called “Executive Coaching” in the private sector.  Unlike consulting, where the consultant provides instruction or assistance based on expertise the client may not have, coaching represents a collaborative effort to mobilize aptitudes and resources the client already possesses, but may not know how to apply most effectively.  The objective of coaching is to hone the client’s self-awareness and situational savvy and then provide confidential advice and feedback as the client works to apply those abilities to real-time, real-life leadership or professional challenges.

Altman Weil’s Key Person Coaching practice focuses on senior-level attorneys including Managing Partners, General Counsel and other senior lawyers in leadership or management positions.   We also work with emerging leaders to develop the confidence and judgment they will need as they move up within an organization.

Altman Weil’s Key Person Coaching service is:


Key person coaching has the positive goal of building enhanced leadership competencies, rather than remedially addressing problems.


Coaching assignments provide ongoing support as the client addresses a spectrum of real-life, real-time issues relating to leadership and management effectiveness.


In top-level coaching, the coach serves as an utterly objective, external sounding board.  The coach’s role is not to be a cheerleader; it is to be a co-strategist, an absolute truth-teller and, most often, a trusted confidante.


All coaching engagements are highly confidential.  The coach serves as a confidential strategic and tactical advisor as the client addresses day-to-day projects, copes with challenges, navigates ‘political’ situations, or is thrust to the forefront as a change agent.

Delivered by Certified Master Coaches

Altman Weil has coaches with years of experience working as consultants to lawyers or in the practice of law.  They have built effective working relationships with a broad spectrum of personalities in a wide variety of situations and understand the unique dynamics of legal organizations.

How You Benefit

By working with a personal developmental coach, your organization’s leaders will gain insight on their specific leadership competencies, and tap into natural skills they already possess to build consensus, motivate groups, lead and manage change and handle difficult and sensitive situations.  By making this investment in your leaders, your entire organization will be positioned to improve its performance and productivity.

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