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Session 1 – Pragmatic Planning: Setting Smart, Achievable Personal Goals (60 minutes)
Session 2 – Execution: Turning Goals into Accomplishments (60 minutes)

There are no longer any safe seats in law firms for lawyers who do not regularly deliver high-level performance. In this increasingly demanding environment, lawyer business planning has risen to a new level of importance. Individual planning that was once little more than a pro forma exercise has become a significant performance accelerator for lawyers and law firms seeking new ways to achieve competitive advantage.

Altman Weil’s two-part training series, Mastering Lawyer Business Planning, provides proven advice for lawyers at all levels on how to develop smart, pragmatic plans and successfully implement them to advance their careers and contribute greater value to their firms. We outline a better approach to planning that will help every lawyer identify and act on top opportunities, and elevate productivity and performance across the firm.

Registrants will receive a planning template and other written materials to supplement the training sessions.

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Session 1. Pragmatic Planning: Setting Smart, Achievable Personal Goals

This session will discuss how to replace your current planning process with a streamlined approach that will focus each individual lawyer’s attention on a short list of smart, achievable goals. Includes a Lawyer Business Planning template. (60 minutes)

Topics include:

  • Beginning with the firm and market context
  • Identifying and assessing key metrics related to your practice
  • Objectively assessing your core capabilities
  • Staking out a position that differentiates you internally and externally
  • Essential elements of an effective plan
  • Prioritizing goals with a clear payoff
  • Aligning your goals with practice group and firm strategies
  • Identifying necessary tools and resources
  • A plan that works: Setting yourself up for success

Session 2. Execution: Turning Goals into Accomplishments

This session will discuss how to build a framework for action that will help every lawyer make regular progress toward high-value goals. Real-world examples will illustrate how to successfully execute your plan in a law firm environment. (60 minutes)

Topics include:

  • It’s not just you – it’s hard for everyone
  • Clarity of purpose: Defining what success will look like
  • The roadmap: Getting specific about tactics
  • Techniques to track and measure progress
  • Tapping into the power of collaboration and teamwork
  • Asking for the right resources
  • Four essential steps to effective implementation
  • Overcoming common hurdles to get things done

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for lawyers at all levels who want to accelerate their productivity and performance.

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  • Supplementary materials, with permission to distribute to all program participants

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Refunds are not available for On-Demand registrations.

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