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Managing and leading a law firm is a much more complex and difficult challenge than it once was. The focus has switched from internal managerial tasks and structures to externally faced leadership challenges. Two dynamics have converged to force this change — a highly competitive environment as well as explosive growth in law firm size. Large law firms and those with multiple offices have multi-tiered management structures that require nuanced leadership combining focus and discipline.

Altman Weil’s consultants work with law firms in the US and internationally to align internal structures and processes with strategic objectives and in consideration of competitive forces. We can assist you in development and/or refinement of internal structures, policies, systems and procedures to enable the firm to operate more successfully and compete better strategically.

Governance Audits

We will review your firm’s governance structure to determine if your firm is managing, leading and competing strategically and effectively. We emphasize development of a structure that is consistent with the firm’s external needs as well as the firm’s internal values and culture. Although there are organizational needs and realities that are required in all firms, there is no one right organizational structure for all firms.

Succession Planning

One of the most compelling issues in the profession today is leadership and management succession planning. As the job of running large, dynamic and aggressive organizations becomes more challenging, there is a greater need for more and better trained leadership. Altman Weil will help your organization identify future leaders and develop a programmatic training initiative, action plan and transition strategy.

Administrative Audits

Altman Weil has pioneered many of the governance changes the profession has adopted, including use of non-lawyer executives. We will use our depth of experience to help you examine and analyze the organizational structure of your senior non-lawyer staff to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Senior Leader Performance Evaluations

Because good leadership is critical, a clear and rigorous evaluation of leaders is also critical. We will design and implement performance policies, systems and procedures to evaluate your firm’s Managing Partner, Executive Committee and other senior leaders.

How You Benefit

By assessing the appropriateness of your management and governance structures, your firm will ensure it is competitive, effective and successful. In other words, you will achieve better results.

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