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As law firms grow ever larger, more complex, geographically dispersed and sophisticated – at all levels – the need for more skilled leaders and managers increases. Many firms simply do not have enough trained or skilled talent.

At Altman Weil, we believe that an effective leadership development program must consist of a multi-level, comprehensive and integrated program that identifies and develops leaders over time and results in broad, systemic change in the organization. The skills and competencies will differ by firm or organization, sometimes greatly, and therefore development requirements will differ. A generic program for all firm leaders and managers will not suffice.

Our services include:

Needs Assessment

We will conduct a thorough evaluation of leadership skills at each level within the organization, identifying leader development needs, what key challenges exist and the firm’s future requirements.

Program Development

We will help you to develop a long-term, sustainable leadership program that builds on the foundation of the needs assessment and provides both academic development and opportunities for leaders-in-training to apply their new skills in a real world context to gain experience and credibility.

Leadership Training

We will help firm leaders, branch office managing partners and practice group leaders develop the fundamental skills and essential behaviors necessary to successfully lead lawyers.

Performance Management

Successful law firm leaders identify opportunities, put the right tools in the right hands, set a course and then get out of the way. We will work with your leaders to develop performance profiles and standards for attorneys that align individual and organizational goals.

Motivation and Mentoring

We will help you understand the connection between motivation and leadership styles and how to achieve behavioral change in highly independent professionals.

Evaluation and Feedback

We will work with your firm to set up evaluation and feedback programs, systems and procedures.
Associate Selection, Retention and Development – We apply the latest behavioral science strategies – sophisticated testing, structured interviewing, and group dynamics assessment – to help you select the best talent for your organization and keep them motivated.

Repairing Dysfunctional Organizations

We have more experience and a better success record than anyone in diagnosing and repairing complex, systemic organizational problems. We can help an individual lawyer, a law firm or a law department in crisis.

How You Benefit

By developing effective leaders at all levels of your organization, you will become more productive internally and more competitive in the marketplace.

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