Law Department Practice


Most law departments spend upwards of 60% or more of their budgets on outside law firms, usually amounting to tens of millions of dollars each year.  Most are also under extraordinary pressure to reduce legal costs while maintaining the highest quality of legal service to their organizations.  But they don’t know how to break away from the old, often ineffective ways of managing outside counsel.

Altman Weil’s expert consultants understand the dynamics of the relationship between inside and outside lawyers and can bring proven, yet progressive ideas to outside counsel management, including:

Outside Counsel Selection

We will help you identify appropriate candidates and select the best lawyers and law firms for your needs using RFPs, competitive bidding, and qualitative-based techniques.

Convergence Programs

We will work with you to leverage your legal spend by developing a convergence program that will consolidate your legal work with fewer preferred firms.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Altman Weil consultants will show you how to break away from the inefficient hourly billing model to true alternatives that not only work, but that work far better than paying for legal services on a time-and-materials basis.

Performance Evaluation

We’ll help you develop a systematic process for evaluation of outside counsel through the collection and analysis of key metrics from your e-billing system and other sources.

How You Benefit

You will select the best outside counsel for your needs, maximize your buying power, structure advantageous fee arrangements, and effectively manage the cost and quality of your department’s outside legal service providers.

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