Law Department Practice


Altman Weil provides comprehensive services tailored specifically for the needs and challenges of local, state and federal government legal offices.  We understand the unique demands of practicing law in a high volume environment, with a diverse spectrum of clients, a limited budget, and a tremendous amount of public scrutiny.

Altman Weil services include:

Performance Reviews

We are experts at identifying and evaluating strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of an office’s operations and procedures.  Whether a review is conducted at the request of the legal office itself or at the behest of agency officials or administrators, we work with all parties to identify key issues and develop solutions.  Our thorough understanding of practicing law in a public sector environment has earned us praise from legal offices being evaluated, even in third-party initiated reviews.

Organizational Strategy

We will help you develop and integrate effective organizational strategies that are aligned with the mission and goals of the government you serve.  These strategies may include developing performance measures, establishing performance reporting procedures, and creating Service Level Agreements that will improve your understanding of your clients’ expectations and enable you to better meet their needs.

Client Service and Relations Programs

We can help your office develop programs to maximize the responsiveness of your legal team, raise the level of interaction between lawyers and clients, ensure the consistency of advice given on similar issues and encourage a commitment to creative problem solving that will best address the client’s needs.

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Conducting a survey of client needs can help you capitalize on your office’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses. There is nothing of more value to the effective management of a legal office than a direct and thorough understanding of client needs and satisfaction.

Practice Management Strategies

We will help you develop and implement organizational, management and technology improvements to enhance the productivity of the office and enable timely and effective oversight of the ever-changing workloads inherent in government legal practice.

Outside Counsel

We have decades of experience helping legal offices manage outside counsel.   We can help you with identifying and selecting providers, developing pricing programs that give outside counsel incentives for efficiency, establishing quality and cost controls and evaluating performance.  Our consultants will work with your office to determine the appropriate blend of inside and outside legal services and establish procedures for continual reassessment of the appropriateness of the mix.

Human Resource Management

Hiring and retaining first-rate lawyers and support staff is of the utmost importance to the quality of services delivered by a government law office.  We provide concrete, practical guidance in management, training, assessment and development of this most significant resource.

Compensation and Career Progression

Competitive compensation is critical to attracting, retaining and motivating high quality lawyers and support personnel.  Altman Weil has access to surveys of lawyer compensation and can evaluate your office’s compensation levels in relation to comparable government legal offices.

Recordkeeping Systems and Procedures

We assist in streamlining filing, docketing, information retrieval, and telecommunications processes, which will contribute significantly to the effectiveness and efficiency of your office.

How You Benefit

You tap into a rich vein of expertise on government legal office issues and find creative yet practical solutions to effectively manage your office. You establish and maintain a high degree of effectiveness, while keeping the commitment to client service as a top priority.

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