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Government Legal Offices: Could Yours Benefit From a Little Creative Management?

Lawyers working in local, state and federal government practice law in a unique environment.  They function in a high volume, fast paced atmosphere, operate with limited resources and encounter a tremendous amount of public scrutiny.  They provide legal counsel to a diverse spectrum of clients and interests:  governing bodies, chief executive officers, department heads and staff at all levels, as well as boards, agencies and commissions of the government.

One of the greatest challenges of working in this context is attaining and maintaining a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency, while keeping the commitment to clients as the top service priority.  A government legal office must create and implement highly effective practice management structures, policies and systems to accomplish the goal of achieving a superior level of client service and satisfaction while attaining exceptional quality and quantity of work product.

In pursuing these goals, government legal offices often need to find creative yet practical and workable solutions to office management issues in several key areas.

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