Too Many Lawyers - Not Enough Work

July 20, 2017 - WEBINAR

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM Eastern Time
12:00 Noon - 1:15 PM Central
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Mountain
10:00 AM - 11:15 PM Pacific

REBROADCAST: This 2016 webinar is back by popular demand!


One of the consequences of the changing legal market is overcapacity: too many lawyers and not enough work.  Law firms – faced with essentially flat or declining demand, commoditization of some practices, new competitive challenges and the encroachment of technology alternatives – are grappling with the financial drag of some lawyers who just aren’t busy enough.

This 75-minute Altman Weil Webinar, Too Many Lawyers - Not Enough Work, puts the problem in context, provides a framework of key metrics, discusses effective and ineffective short-term responses and lays out a road map your firm can follow to develop a new and more agile model of people, practices and technology.

Topics include:

  • Scope and magnitude of lawyer overcapacity
  • Market pressure: Competition; Commoditization; Technology
  • How much is overcapacity costing your law firm?
  • Impact on clients, rainmakers and aspiring partners
  • Why growth is probably not the solution
  • The effectiveness of compensation adjustments
  • Getting and using objective data on work volume
  • Short-term workforce rebalancing
  • Long-term investments in a more adaptive law firm

Who should attend:

  • Managing Partners and Firm Chairs
  • Executive and Management Committee members
  • Practice Group Leaders
  • Executive Directors and Chief Administrators
  • Every partner with a stake in the firm's future 

Program presenter:

James D. Cotterman, Principal, Altman Weil, Inc.


$295 for each registration

Your registration includes:

  • One internet connection for unlimited participants at one location
  • One toll-free phone connection at one location
  • One set of program materials, with permission to distribute to participants in your organization 

A complete flash recording of the audio and video portions of the webinar on CD is available for those who can't make the date.

Register or order the CD now!

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the program will receive a credit applicable to a future Altman Weil Webinar or webinar CD recording.

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