Mergers & Acquisitions

For over three decades, Altman Weil has worked with hundreds of law firms seeking, evaluating and engaging in mergers and acquisitions.  We possess an unparalleled depth of market knowledge, an international network of contacts and highly practiced deal-making skills. 

Altman Weil has helped to facilitate some of the largest-ever law firm mergers.   Yet we work with firms of all sizes from small, specialized acquisitions to lateral group moves to the combination of equals.  In a marketplace that has experienced both highly successful and costly failed mergers, Altman Weil's proven record of objectivity and focus on best-fit mergers for our clients sets us apart.

Our law firm merger and acquisition services include:

Merger Strategy - Merger is a means to an end, not an end in itself.  Before moving forward, it is critical that your firm has developed its plan for the future, and considered its options - to merge, to acquire, to be acquired or to stand alone - in a rigorous, objective way.  Altman Weil will make an objective analysis of your firm and its market position and help you develop a rational business case for (or against) merger.

Candidate Profiling – Being rigorous and exceptionally clear about the profile of best candidates facilitates searches, initial contacts and greatly improves the prospects of a successful combination.  We have a unique method of profiling candidates that helps our clients achieve acquisition and implementation success. 

Candidate Searches - Whether you are looking to acquire a smaller firm or join a larger one, finding firms with the right attributes for your 'short list' is critical.  Altman Weil will use its intimate knowledge of the legal market as well as its dedicated research staff to help you identify, screen and approach law firms that best meet your profile in markets across the U.S. and internationally.

Go/No Go Assessment - Altman Weil will help you examine financial and performance issues, compensation and governance as well as assessing the strategic and cultural fit of the potential candidate so your merger has the strongest chance of success.  We will gather and analyze information from both firms and provide objective, expert advice on the prospects for a successful merger.

Deal Negotiations and Structuring - Altman Weil's Merger Team can act as analysts and facilitators to render an impartial opinion on the feasibility and fairness of a merger, to structure a deal best suited to your firm's needs, and to separate minor, resolvable issues from deal breakers.

Merger and Post-Merger Integration - Combining two complex and unique law firms requires planning, communication and discipline.  The experts at Altman Weil can help guide you through this important, yet often overlooked, part of the process with advice on management structure, compensation, marketing, facilities, staffing and more.

How You Benefit

Our object is not to do deals, but to help our clients with highly successful combinations.  You will have access to Altman Weil's deep and extensive market knowledge to find exactly the right merger partner and structure a deal that is comprehensive, fair and built to last.

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