Managing the Global Law Department

In the past decade, general counsel increasingly have faced new and complex legal issues arising from the accelerating growth of global business. These business dynamics, coupled with the significant developments in commercial laws, regulatory schemes and ever increasing enforcement activity around the world, have given general counsel much to consider in how they provide effective legal services to their business clients around the globe. 

Our specialists can help you with:

Organizational structure:  Altman Weil’s experts will help you assess and improve the organizational structure of the international legal function within your law department and its alignment with the corporation.

Staffing:  We will help you identify and develop successful approaches to staffing outside the U.S. including the most effective use of ex-pat lawyers, local counsel and outside counsel.

Communication strategies:  Our consultants will work with you to ensure clear, positive communication among the global legal function and with clients across time zones, jurisdictions and cultures.

Performance management:  We will help you set performance standards and build a professional development program that will provide training, evaluation, feedback and accountability for lawyers no matter where they are stationed around the world.

Outside counsel management:  We can work with you on selection, retention and ongoing evaluation of outside counsel, including controlling the cost of external legal services outside the U.S.

How you benefit

Your law department will develop effective strategies for meeting the challenges of worldwide service delivery in today’s complex business environment.  Your organization will have confidence that your department is delivering global legal services of the highest quality while still controlling costs. 

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