Trends in Law Firms

Date   Title Author(s)
January 1, 2003   "Downcycle" Practice Areas Thrive Ward Bower
April 1, 2009   "We Hire the Lawyer, Not the Law Firm" - Really? Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
February 8, 2010   Alternative Fee Arrangements - Special Report Thomas S. Clay
Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
James S. Wilber
March 8, 2010   Alternative Fee Arrangements - The Time Has Finally Come Thomas S. Clay
Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
March 1, 2010   Forty Years of Legal Game-Changers The Consultants of Altman Weil, Inc.
September 10, 2018   From Data to Strategy to Graphical Explanation - Beyond Bar Charts Rees W. Morrison
May 1, 2007   Good Housekeeping: The Law Firm Diversity Assessment Virginia G. Essandoh
November 9, 2017   How to Find Undetected Similarities in Data Rees W. Morrison
May 13, 2019   Invest 15 Minutes a Day in Your Career Thomas S. Clay
June 7, 2013   Is Outsourcing an Opportunity for Law Firms? Nina Cunningham
January 7, 2019   Legal Managers' Progression with Regression Rees W. Morrison
February 1, 2007   Legal Profession Trends and Outlook James S. Wilber
April 2, 2010   Legal Project Management Training Altman Weil, Inc.
January 1, 2004   London Update from Altman Weil Ward Bower
Thomas S. Clay
May 1, 2004   Major Law Firms Embrace General Counsel Concept Ward Bower
November 4, 2016   Mind the Machines: Time to Explore the Potential of Machine Learning Rees W. Morrison
April 1, 2010   Networking - How to Get Started Timothy B. Corcoran
March 11, 2013   Non-Equity Partnership Trends Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
July 1, 2005   Profile: Melba Hughes Part II - The Law Firm Market Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
July 29, 2006   Prognosis for U.S. Firms in Europe Ward Bower
December 1, 2003   Should Law Firms Appoint Outside Directors? Ward Bower
September 10, 2010   Talking With Clients About AFAs Thomas S. Clay
October 8, 2018   The Art of Stress-Free Productivity Eric A. Seeger
July 1, 2005   The Business of Law in 2005 Ward Bower
June 1, 2008   The Future of the Mid-Sized Law Firm: Let's Look at Some Facts Daniel J. DiLucchio, Jr.
October 7, 2016   The Future of the the Law Firm - 1998 Ward Bower
July 28, 2008   The Legal Market in 2020 - A Special Report from the Consultants at Altman Weil
April 1, 2007   The War for Talent and Starting Salaries Ward Bower
January 1, 2008   What If Law Firms Were Really Serious About Increasing Diversity? Virginia G. Essandoh
April 6, 2017   With Data Analytics, It's Not Always 'Follow the Money!' Rees W. Morrison
June 27, 2013   Working with Different Generations Joan M. Newman

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