Date   Title Author(s)
April 10, 2015   An Argument for More Non-Hourly Billing Eric A. Seeger
September 3, 2019   Calculating Profitability James D. Cotterman
December 1, 2000   Fees, Facts and Figures - What Lawyers are Charging and Receiving Ward Bower
April 1, 2004   Financial Contributions and a Career in Law James D. Cotterman
September 1, 2001   Fiscal Management of a Law Firm James D. Cotterman
August 1, 2003   Getting the Capital Structure Right James D. Cotterman
May 1, 2002   How to Profit in the Upturn Thomas S. Clay
March 7, 2013   Issues in Realization James D. Cotterman
November 8, 2012   It’s Your Business: Invest Like an Owner Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
July 1, 2007   Law Firm Capitalization James D. Cotterman
May 7, 2012   Law Firm Debt: Will We Ever Learn? James D. Cotterman
February 7, 2019   Law Firm Valuation - An Interview with Jim Cotterman James D. Cotterman
January 1, 2009   Partner Capital - Issues and Answers James D. Cotterman
March 1, 2004   Pricing Legal Services Ward Bower
November 1, 2003   Retirement Basics: For the Individual Lawyer James D. Cotterman
November 1, 2003   Retirement Basics: For the Law Firm James D. Cotterman
May 1, 2002   Retiring Unfunded Obligations Ward Bower
January 8, 2016   Twelve Ways to Improve Your Firm in 2016 Ward Bower
Thomas S. Clay
James D. Cotterman
Alan R. Olson
Eric A. Seeger
James S. Wilber
May 27, 2014   Valuation of a Law Firm and a Law Practice James D. Cotterman

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