Legal Project Management, Pricing, and Alternative Fee Arrangements: What Firms Are Doing

by Jim Hassett

This new book outlines the big picture of what leading law firms are doing to transform the way they plan, manage, and price legal work.  It also explains the theory of pricing, and its relation to project management and alternative fees.

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Contents include:

Preface: About this book
Chapter 1: Changes in the legal profession
Chapter 2: What LPM is, and why it is so important
Chapter 3: Managing projects from ancient Rome to modern litigation
Chapter 4: Key concepts in LPM
Chapter 5: A variety of approaches to LPM
Chapter 6: Case studies in behavior change
Chapter 7: Pricing theory
Chapter 8: The mathematics of pricing
Chapter 9: How law firms are changing their pricing
Chapter 10: Alternatives to the billable hour
Chapter 11: Types of AFAs
Chapter 12: Conservative vs. aggressive approaches to AFAs
Chapter 13: Using AFAs to develop new business
Chapter 14: Putting it all together
Chapter 15: What should you do?

First edition, 2013

Written by Jim Hassett, Ph.D., LegalBizDev

Published by LegalBizDev, an Altman Weil Strategic Alliance Partner.

246 pages. $59.95 plus shipping ($10 per order within the US; $30 per order outside the US).

Volume discounts are available on single orders of multiple copies.

2-4 copies:  $54.95 per copy
5-9 copies:  $49.95 per copy
10-24 copies:  $46.95 per copy
25-49 copies:  $43.95 per copy
50-99 copies:  $39.95 per copy
100-249 copies:  $34.95 per copy
250 or more:  $29.95 per copy

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