Legal Operations Managers: Adding Law Department Value

You missed the program but you can still order the CD!

In 2018, law departments continue to focus on cost control, increasing outside counsel oversight, instituting new efficiency efforts, and managing an array of new technology and data tools.  But in departments without a professional administrator, managing these tasks falls to busy lawyers – or they are not done at all.

This Altman Weil Webinar, Legal Operations Managers: Adding Law Department Value, will discuss the value of administrative specialists in law departments of all sizes.  We'll outline how to assess if your law department is ready for a Legal Operations Manager, how the role should evolve as your department grows, and the return on investment in added law department productivity and effectiveness.

Topics include:

  • Why now: Legal operations management in 2018
  • Roles and priorities – Adding value in departments of all sizes
  • Assessing and reconfiguring your administrative functions
  • Full-time and part-time options
  • Hiring vs. utilizing available staff
  • Does a solo GC need an administrator?
  • Identifying the right person for the job
  • Making it work: Role clarity, authority, compensation 

Who should attend:

  • General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers   
  • Senior law department lawyers
  • Solo GCs
  • Any in-house lawyer struggling to balance legal work and administrative tasks

Program presenter:

James S. Wilber, Principal, Altman Weil, Inc.

ORDER THE CD NOW: Email INFO@ALTMANWEIL.COM; Call: 610.886.2008.

A complete flash recording of the audio and video portions of the webinar on CD is available for those who missed the program.

$295 plus shipping and handling for each CD recording.

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