Legal Business Development Quick Reference Guide

by Jim Hassett

In the Legal Business Development Quick Reference Guide, Jim Hassett has distilled several decades of sales training experience into a handbook that meets the needs of busy lawyers.

Part 1 of the book describes the top ten ways to increase results from your limited marketing time:

1. Prioritize relentlessly
2. Start with current clients
3. Listen
4. Plan advances
5. Follow up
6. Work with others
7. Focus on personal strengths
8. Assess the importance of relationships vs. value
9. Measure results
10. Don’t stop

Part 2 is an A to Z reference, with 83 sections organized alphabetically to make it easy for lawyers to find exactly the information they need, just when they need it, including sections on action plans, client satisfaction, closing, cross-selling, new clients, planning, women rainmakers, and much more.

Second edition, 2012.

Written by Jim Hassett, Ph.D., LegalBizDev.

Published by LegalBizDev, an Altman Weil Strategic Alliance Partner.

206 pages. $79.95 plus shipping ($10 per order in the US, $30 per order outside the US). 

Volume discounts are available on single orders of multiple copies:

2-4 copies:  $69.95 per copy
5-9 copies:  $64.95 per copy
10-24 copies:  $59.95 per copy
25-49 copies:  $54.95 per copy
50-99 copies:  $49.95 per copy
100-249 copies:  $44.95 per copy
250 or more:  $39.95 per copy

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