Compensation Plans for Law Firms

This best-selling ABA book provides complete and systematic guidance on how to establish workable plans for compensating partners and associates, as well as administrators and staff.  It illustrates how you can align your firm’s compensation plans with your culture, business objectives and market realities. 

Altman Weil editor James D. Cotterman brings nearly two decades of experience to this detailed examination of law firm compensation and guides you to finding the best plan for your firm.

Includes chapters on compensation for:
- Partners and shareholders
- Of Counsel
- Associates
- Paraprofessionals
- Staff

And appendices on:
- Origination credits
- Capitalization, debt and taxes
- Retirement planning
- Exempt employees
- Benefits

Sixth edition, 2015.

Edited by James D. Cotterman, Altman Weil, Inc.

Published by the American Bar Association, Law Practice Division.

160 pages.  $99.95 plus shipping & handling.

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