Chief Operating Officer in New York or Connecticut

Less than four years ago, six nationally-known lawyers left their large litigation firm in response to client demands for a better legal services model and greater value. They understood that to clients, greater value means better efficiency, improved processes for tracking and reporting of matters, innovative approaches to reducing their legal risk, and enhanced cost certainty. Frustrated that like many larger firms, theirs was not evolving fast enough to meet the needs of the changing legal market, the six lawyers opened their own firm. Since then, and due to the tremendous response of clients to their innovation and their new business model, the firm has grown from three to four offices, and to 45 lawyers. A new portfolio of work that the firm just won will result in the need to hire ten to 15 more lawyers, and the firm will continue to grow rapidly into the foreseeable future as well.

A terrific opportunity awaits the successful COO candidate. This is a firm:

*Whose visionary, tech-savvy Managing Partner needs help planning and managing the continued rapid growth of the firm;

*That needs its administration and business functions (finance, HR, IT, etc.) built out, and for selected areas, managers hired to be in charge;

*That believes in a new legal services business model, unrestrained by the traditional billable hour-based model, whose mission is to create from the ground up a community of legal service providers (lawyers, paralegals, project managers and legal assistants) passionate about providing exceptional legal services in a creative environment that is dedicated to unparalleled value, efficiency and client service

*Whose goals are aligned with the needs of its clients through teamwork, continuous process improvement, new service models, alternative pricing and cutting-edge use of technology;

*That understands what talented and empowered administrators and business managers can do to contribute to its overall success; and

*That is looking for its first COO who can set the stage for a successful, empowered COO position long into the future.

The COO will participate in and help execute the firm’s strategic efforts and oversees its business and financial matters, including operations, human resources, finance, information technology and facilities management. The compensation package is commensurate with the position and responsibilities. The successful candidate will have excellent academic credentials, proven executive and management skills and experience (preferably in a law firm environment), a strong background in law firm economics and profitability, and the skills to serve as the principal administrator of a successful law firm. Especially important are financial analytical skills, along with knowledge of marketplace challenges facing law firms in this hyper-competitive environment, including strategy, pricing, lateral acquisition, and a big-picture view of what technology can do to assist the firm’s practitioners and serve the communication and legal services needs of its clients. The COO can use any of the following of the firm’s offices as her or his principal office: Garden City, White Plains or Buffalo, New York, or Hartford, Connecticut. The compensation package is commensurate with the position and responsibilities. Please email your resume in confidence, along with salary requirements, to our consultants, Altman Weil., Inc., at, and specify Department Number – “1008” – in the subject line of the email).

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