Law Department Reorganization Saves $10 Million

The law department of a large, multi-national corporation had grown significantly through mergers and acquisitions over the previous five years. Because of the rapid and constant growth, little time was available and/or allocated to study and develop an effective and efficient law department organization.  In addition, the talents and legal specialties of the lawyers were, in some cases, not required by the new organization and in other cases redundant.  The Division General Counsel of the various business units were asking for additional lawyer resources to fill holes in needed practice areas, as many of the current lawyers were merger and acquisition specialists.

Altman Weil assisted the General Counsel by reviewing the organization and staffing needs of the corporation.  By analyzing the time each lawyer spent in various practice areas, appropriate staffing levels were determined.  Enterprise-wide legal services were centralized so that a legal “shared services” organization could supply services in a cost effective manner.  The efficiencies gained through this analysis and consolidation of legal work into specialist’s hands, effectively created additional lawyer time and improved services, thereby removing the need for the addition of the requested new lawyer positions.

The reorganization and consolidation of work improved not only the level of service to the clients but also the quality of legal services, because true specialists were now providing the services.  The changes also negated the need for 30 new lawyer positions that had been requested by Division General Counsel, saving the company approximately $10 million in new lawyer staffing.

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