Legal Transformation Study: Your 2020 Vision of the Future

Legal Transformation Study:  Your 2020 Vision of the Future

This thought-provoking study of the future of the global legal industry was conducted by a group of legal and business thought leaders, including Study sponsor, Altman Weil, Inc.

The Legal Transformation Study identifies 11 global trends and uncertainties shaping the future of the legal industry, and presents four likely scenarios that law firms and corporate law departments may face by the year 2020, including:

-Blue-Chip Mega Mania: A model that emphasizes the global consolidation of legal service providers and the dominance of giant law firms with vast global presence and offerings spanning all legal areas.

-Expertopia: A scenario that envisions the increasing complexity of the law and challenges of corporations operating in multiple environments worldwide, thereby placing a premium on specialization and expert-driven cultures at legal services organizations.

-E-Marketplace: A model built on the premise that technology will be a catalyst, but not the core, for an industry transformation in which an array of Web-based technologies will make information more available and expert judgment more valuable.

-Techno-Law: A scenario that contemplates rising corporate investment in automation capabilities throughout the legal services industry, leaving only the high-end services to be delivered by legal professionals and potentially requiring a complete reconstruction of the traditional business models in the legal services industry.

The Study is a tool to test the resiliency of law firm strategic plans across a range of possible futures, and to develop new plans to assure successful positioning. It will help corporate law departments proactively prepare for multiple business scenarios.

1 copy - $1,200.00
2-5 copies - $960 each
6+ copies - $660 each

221 pages, including Organizational Assessment Test

Published by Decision Strategies International and Legal Research Center, Inc.

Sponsored by Altman Weil, Inc.

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