2018 Law Firms in Transition Survey – The survey reports on industry trends, market demand and competition, productivity, profitability, pricing, efficiency of legal service delivery, lawyer staffing strategies and economic performance. Download a copy for the latest opinions from US law firm leaders. 

Aligning Partnership Standards with a Changing Market – In most law firms, partnership admission standards have not kept up with the changing legal marketplace. Tom Clay and Jim Cotterman will discuss how law firms should begin to rethink the acquisition, composition, deployment, training and promotion of lawyers to remain relevant and competitive into the next decade. Join us on June 27th for this new Altman Weil Webinar.

AW Training On-Demand – Altman Weil is now offering all three of its highly-regarded training series on demand. Register for 4 weeks of unlimited, all-firm access to Creating Great Practice Groups, Mastering Lawyer Business Planning or Being a Successful New Partner. Sign up any time - just choose the timing that works best for your firm!

Altman Weil MergerLine™ is an online service that tracks law firm mergers and acquisitions.  It logs law firm combinations as they are reported; links the user to the original news stories, compiles key statistics on each deal; and, includes an archive of past mergers and a section of commentary and analysis.